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Tampa Bay Magazine PDF Specifications

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If you are going to produce the PDF through QuarkXPress® 7.3, you must also use the following settings.

  • With QuarkXPress® document open, make sure it is all grouped and all links are intact.

Go to "File" pulldown, to "EXPORT / Layout as PDF..." At the bottom of the window, make sure "Pages:" shows "All". "PDF Style:" set to "Press-High Quality / High Resolution". Then click on "Options..." to set "new" preferences. First go to "PDF Style" and choose "New PDF Output Style...". Name the new PDF setting and check O.K. Now you can make all the following setups. You can leave "Verification:" UNCHECKED.

Pages - Check: Export pages as separate PDF's
All else "Unchecked"

Meta Data - Fill in title: Layout 1.

Hyper links - All Unchecked


  • Color Images and Grayscale Images
  • Set "Compression:" to "Manual ZIP (8 bit)"
  • Set "Resolution:" to "Downsample to: 300dpi"
  • Monochrome Images
  • Set "Compression:" to "CCITT Group 4"
  • Set "Resolution:" to "Downsample to: 1200dpi"
  • CHECK - "Compress text and line art"
    All else leave "Unchecked"

Color - Color Options

  • Mode: Composite
  • Setup: Composite CMYK and spot

Fonts - Font Options

  • Check - "Download All Fonts"

Marks - Registration Marks Options

  • Mode: Centered
    Width: 0.003"
    Length: 0.375"
    Offset: 0.125"

Bleed - Bleed Options

  • Bleed Type: Symmetric
    Amount: 0.25"
    All else Unchecked

Transparency - Transparency Rendering Options

  • Check - Upsample Rotations to 300 dpi for images less than 200 dpi.
    All else Unchecked.

OPI - OPI Options

  • All Unchecked.

JDF - JDF Options

  • All Unchecked.

Then click O.K., and it's all saved.

After this is done, with QuarkXpress® open and no document open, go to the QuarkXpress® pulldown, to "Preferences". In the box under application, scroll down to PDF, and make sure it is set as follows:
PDF Workflow: Check "Direct to PDF"
Virtual Memory: is set to 100MB
Default Name: layout.pdf
Error settings: Check "Log errors"
All else leave Unchecked.

Then Click O.K. and all is saved.

When you want to make a future PDF through QuarkXpress®, all you will have to do is go to the File pulldown with a QuarkXpress® document open, go to "EXPORT / Layout as PDF..." go to the bottom of the window and PDF setting is set to "your" setting and then click SAVE, and you will have a Hi-Res PDF.

Page 1

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