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Tampa Bay Magazine Disk Specifications


  • Macintosh® OSX


  • QuarkXPress® 7.3
  • Adobe Photoshop® CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator® CS3


  1. All fonts (including font suitcase, screen fonts and printer fonts) must be placed in a folder called "FONTS". DO NOT mix printer fonts in font suitcases, as major conflicts can occur. Only Post Script Fonts and Open Type Fonts can be accepted. We CANNOT USE ANY TRUE TYPE FONTS. Also the use of any font collection software must not be used, as that will also cause major conflicts. ELECTRONICALLY MODIFIED FONTS (bold, italic, shadow, contour, etc.) will not work in our system.
  2. We can only use ads that are formed in QuarkXPress® (vers 7.3) to the exact specifications and "Grouped" to avoid any shifting of ad elements! Please be sure to run "collect for output" in QuarkXPress®. This will ensure that there are no missing images.
  3. All supporting Adobe Illustrator® (vers CS3) files must be saved as CMYK / EPS and be "Grouped" as well.
  4. All supporting Adobe Photoshop® (vers CS3) files of scanned images must be saved as EPS, to exact size, as well as HI-RES (300 ppi), color corrected, retouched as necessary and saved as CMYK! Since we are unable to use RGB color images, and RGB images will have to be converted, by you, to CMYK. DO NOT send Scitex CT images as they must be converted to EPS to be usable in our system. Scale or rotate graphic images in Photoshop® so they can be imported into the QuarkXPress® document at 100% @ 0 degrees. All files must be 8 bit and not 16 bit. We cannot process Alpha Channels.
  5. All supporting Adobe Photoshop® (vers CS3) files of B&W line art must be bitmapped and saved as TIFF files @ 600 DPI at a minimum. Be sure your file is "clean".
  6. We can only accept color artwork that has been produced and saved as CMYK files.


A color proof of your ad should accompany the material on your disk, along with a printout of the file window. The following types of proofs are acceptable:

  • B&W - 600 DPI Laser Proof
  • COLOR - 300 DPI Color Laser Proof
  • COLOR - Epson Color Proof
  • COLOR - Dye Sublimation Color Proof

If no color proof is supplied, Tampa Bay Magazine will not be responsible for color match.

Compressed or sea. files cannot be accepted. DO NOT use LZW, Pict, WMF, BMD, nested RGB, Index color images or embedded art. They won't work on our system!

We cannot manipulate your supplied material. We cannot adjust, fix or change your files in any way. Disks or files not conforming to our specifications will be returned for correction.

Copyright Tampa Bay Magazine